Mazda Essential Car Care Program Extended

Mazda Essential Car Care - Gossett Mazda - Memphis, TN

The Mazda Essential Car Care Program for frontline US healthcare workers was active through June 1. The program, which began on April 16, provided free standard oil changes and enhanced car-cleaning services to eligible healthcare workers nationwide.

Mazda Cares

The Essential Car Care Program is a joint partnership between Mazda North American Operations and Mazda’s US dealer network. Mazda has planned to invest a minimum of $5 million into the initiative.

The extension into June was meant to provide healthcare workers across the US, especially those working long hours in the hardest-hit areas of the country, more time to make use of the program.

Mazda North American Operations President Jeff Guyton says “Mazda dealers and employees feel a deep sense of gratitude to the health care workers during these difficult times, and we are proud to support them in communities across the country.”

Keeping up with Guidelines

Dealers participating in the Essential Car Care Program followed recommendations from the CDC and public health officials both local and government-wide. They also followed internal workplace personal hygiene guidelines to ensure the safety of employees and customers in service areas.

Enhanced car cleaning consisted of a thorough cleaning of high-touch exterior and interior surface areas of healthcare workers’ cars, using cleaners approved by both Mazda and the EPA.

Though the free period has ended, you can still take advantage of the Mazda Essential Car Care Program at Gossett Mazda!


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