Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Debuts in Gran Turismo Sport

Mazda RX-Vision GT3 - Gossett Mazda - Memphis, TN
Photo by Ming-yen Hsu via Flickr

Mazda has debuted its new RX-Vision GT3 rotary sports car, a virtual racing machine developed in partnership with Polyphony Digital Inc. The Mazda RX-Vision GT3 was designed for the Sony PlayStation® 4 game Gran Turismo Sport.

Orignial Vision

The newly imagined virtual race car is based on the Mazda RX-Vision, a concept car first introduced at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. It was later named the “Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year” at the Festival Automobile International in France.

The RX-Vision was “designed to be the most beautiful FR sports car that Mazda could conceive of,” using Mazda’s iconic KODO Soul of Motion design language, which emphasizes the connection between the driver and the vehicle. Equipped with a next-generation SKYACTIV®-R engine putting out 570 horsepower, the RX-Vision concept is a seriously powerful sports car.

Virtual Track Ready

In keeping with the rules of the FIA (Federation Internationale de L’automobile), Mazda used the base RX-Vision concept and added a wider fender, tires with wider treads for better grip, and a large engine hood outlet for better aerodynamics to get the RX-Vision GT3.

Mazda also made changes to the interior for a more cockpit-like experience, with improved visibility, seat position and comfort, and pedal positions.

You won’t be able to drive the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 in real life, but you can check out modern Mazda cars with not entirely dissimilar designs at Gossett Mazda!


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